MLC HA led a group of students who are interested in student leadership to Zhuhai to attend the Student Leadership Training Camp from March 23 to 24. The event attracted about 20 participants. During the two-day event, the students participated in a series of team building activities and visited the youth facilities in Zhuhai. On the evening of the 23rd, Dr. Larry Liang, the Resident Fellow of the College, shared his experience in student affairs and encouraged everyone to actively participate in HA and RA in the coming year. Subsequently, the senior student leaders shared the experience in the work of the HA, and taught them how to design a student activity and writing activity proposal. Finally, Dr. Liang and the participants simulated the debate on activity proposals. Participants said that the event made them really feel that the work of student leaders is both honor and responsibility. They hope that the HA will become better and better in the future.