On 28th August 2019, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College invited Dr. Bernard Cheng, Assistant Director of Sustainability from MGM Macau to give a lunch seminar entitled “Hotel Sustainability Practice”. Dr. Cheng began his talk by introducing the five pillars of sustainability (green building, conserve energy and water, reduce and recycle waste, green procurement and education outreach) and the “3R” (reuse, reduce and recycle) in environment management. He explained that hotel sustainability has become part of the business strategy. Dr. Cheng mentioned that there are many different ways to reduce the carbon footprint in the hotel industry, such as using electric vehicles for customer transportation, adopts natural lighting in building design plus changing to LED lights, paper free leaflets, phase out plastic straws and water bottles in dining outlets, etc. According to his presentation, MGM is predicted to reduce 4.5 million plastic items in one year and there is a 16.7 % and 11% reduction in electricity and water usage respectively when compare to 2013 data. Lastly he concluded the talk by sharing the recent story of the Amazon fires and should try their best to adopt sustainably living style.