On 13 February 2019, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College invited Prof. Robin Chi Hang Chark, Assistant Professor in International Integrated Resort Management from Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Macau to give a lunch seminar entitled “Neuromarketing”. Prof Chark began his talk by explaining the term “Neuromarketing”. He said “Neuromarketing” was first introduced in 2002 by Dutch marketing professor Ale Smidts, but research in the field could be found as early as 1990s. He then introduced how researchers could use different tools to study consumer behavior. He explained that price of a product could affect how customers perceive the taste and preference. Then Prof. Chark concluded the talk by sharing an interesting study where scholars found that students that paid full price for energy drinks performed better in puzzles tests than the other group of students that paid a discount price and this showed how price could indirectly affect one’s performance.