On January 24-26, 2019, with the goal of improving Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) students’ English oral skills and learn about the culture from U.S.A., more than 40 students from MLC and 10 students from Williams College, USA immersed in a two days culture and language exchange program in University of Macau (UM). This is the first collaboration between MLC and Williams College. Prof. Cornelius C. Kubler, Stanfield Professor of Asian Studies from Williams College and Prof. Debao Xu, MLC founding Master, initiated the project in 2018 and wish to continue the program next year.

The two groups of students engaged in series of culture and language activities which include: UM, Macau and Taipa Island tour led by MLC students, English Salon, English Language tables and Chinese New Year’s Party.

The students from MLC are from different background and majoring in different subjects whereas the students from Williams College are mostly majoring in Chinese language. They had a variety of experiences in the two days program at UM. Students were encouraged to make social connections through different activities.

At English Salon, MLC students were able to practice their English speaking skill through topic discussions with some English native speakers.  MLC students helped the students from Williams College to practice Chinese in the tours around the UM campus and Macao Island. On Friday afternoon (January 25, 2019), all students also took part in an English Language Tables over lunch and attended a sharing event about Williams College and the education system in U.S.A.

MLC would like to take this opportunity to thanks all the students from Williams College and MLC volunteers that took part in the activities throughout the program.