MLC HA held its first ‘Spring in Roma – Charity Carnival’ on the lawn outside W33 on April 11, 2018. All income of the carnival will be donated to Caritas Charity after removing the costs. The organizers opened more than ten different kinds of booths. In addition to the booths set up by the students of MLC, they also invited other organizations from the University of Macau, including Soda-green, Psychology Association, LCWC, FPJC and popular local companies such as the highly acclaimed Sunshine Kingdom Durian Ice Cream and so on. In addition to all kinds of booths, the organizers also invited different performance groups to present their virtuosity, which added color to the festival. Local artists from Bacalhau Entertainment Company played interactive games with the participants, bringing the atmosphere to the highest point.

This carnival not only improved the social service awareness and social participation of the students in MLC, but also increased the attention of students to the disadvantaged groups and gave them practical help. It provided participants with a chance to relax, relieve stress, and make friends with others. This event encourages participants to create a warmer atmosphere and campus for students at the University of Macau by taking love as the foundation, to pass love and happiness to everyone.

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