The “Student Talk” platform provides students with the opportunity to practice public speaking skills, build confidence, and create a positive learning environment for the College. The tenth talk was given by Li Meng Ian, a freshman student in the Department of Business Administration. Mr. Li is a native of Macau and a member of the Macau Chess Team. He has won several Macau youth chess championships and the top three provincial competitions. Last year, he represented Macau in the World Chess Open in Canada. In addition, Mr. Li also actively participated in various activities of the College, such as the English Study Group and the basketball team. He also won several championships in the local youth singing competition in Macau.

In the talk, Mr. Li quoted a few famous theories in chess, such as “one careless move and the whole game is lost” to analyze the rapid development of the society, guiding students to choose the suitable path for their future development and planning for their lives. After the talk, Mr. Li proposed to set up an interest group for chess in the College. About 20 students attended the sharing session and had a lively discussion with Mr. Li on the relationship between playing chess and life.