Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) hosted the High Table Dinner at MLC dining hall on 14 September 2018. The dinner was an official event for MLC students to learn the appropriate social etiquette, college mission and vision. Over 250 participants attended the dinner, including invited keynote speaker Prof. Shu Qin, who is the Adjunct Assistant Professor from Design Center of Collaborative Innovation Institute of University of Macao and Founding President of the Association of Macao Modern Ballet Art Society, Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) Prof. Lionel Ni, Vice Rector (Global Affair) Prof. Rui Paulo da Silva Martins, Master of MLC Prof. Xu De Bao, deans and professors from faculties, college academic staffs, 11 local high school teachers and student representatives from the affiliated schools of University of Macau, Chan Sui Ki Perpetual Help College and Keang Peng School, as well as MLC students.

Prof. Shu gave a keynote speech entitled “My dance life and character development”. She shared her rough roads to become a professional dancer when she was young. She encouraged students to discover their talents and dreams at university. Once their goals are made, never give up easily.

The first high table was also the inauguration ceremony for the new House Association elected on April 2018. The president, Ms. Yao Jun Yi presented her inaugural speech on behalf of her team.

After the dinner, guests and students enjoyed a variety of performances presented by freshmen. These included Guzheng performed by Ms. He Rui Ni, Piano and Violin Duo by Mr. Fu Heng Yi, Ms. Huang Jia Yi and Ms. Jin Shan, Vocal and Piano Duo by Ms. Gao JiaChen and Ms. Qiu HanYao, as well as pop dance by the college dance team “Shuffle”. With smiles on participants’ faces, the dinner ended happily and successfully.