Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) hosted the Master dinner and Super-pass Party at the MLC dining hall on 28th November 2017. The Super-pass Party was designed to boost up the morale of the students before the final examinations. Over 300 participants attended the dinner, including 32 Non-Resident Fellows, affiliate Professors, Maza Lin and Kitty Lin, Director and assistant director of the Maria Maza Beauty Center.

The guests entered the dining hall on the red carpet and warmly welcomed by the students. During the speech given by the Prof. Xu, MLC Master, he praised the students for their achievements and encouraged them to participate in more college activities in the coming academic year. He also expressed his best wishes to all students for good result in their final examinations. For the first time, four different awards were given to students and organizations who had either made great contribution to the college or made great academic improvement during the academic year of 2016/2017. These include the Best Student Leadership Award, Best Academic Improvement Award, Best Student Organization Award and Whole Person Development Award. In total, 28 individual students and two student organizations received the awards. Four student representatives who received the award gave inspiring speeches and shared their successful stories with the other students. The dinner was different to the previous Master Dinners arrangement as the awardees were invited to sit at the head table. This brand new idea highlights the student-centered environment in MLC. In addition, the best RT award and the MLC photo contest winners were also announced. The award presentation ended with the appointment of the two MLC student ambassadors who made tremendous contributions to the college this year.

After the dinner, guests and students enjoyed a variety of performances. These include cheerleader dance by the college dance team “Shuffle” which won the second place in the Inter-College Council cheerleader dancing competition, Chinese drum performance which won the Best Student Organization Award, a debut live performance by MLC band and pop dance performances by three different student groups. With smiles on the student’s faces, the party ended on a high note where the student and guests were dancing together in the dining hall.


Awardees list:

Best Student Leadership Award – Mr Weng Wa Ho and Miss Hio Tong Chang

Best Student Organization Award – English Study Elite Group and MLC Chinese Drum Team

Best Academic Improvement Award – Mr Ip Tong, Mr Shi Jie Xie and Mr. David Francisco Zhu Sun

Whole Person Development Award – Miss Tong Xin Xiang, Miss Jin Yan Zeng, Miss Julien Nyam Rui Lian, Miss Jian Jie Miss Jun Yi Yao, Mr Chi Kit Cheong, Mr Wei Jian Zhang, Mr Chak Sam Chao, Miss Chi Leng Sit, Miss Yong Qi Li, Mr Rui Dong Hou, Mr Chi Kei Ha, Mr Philip Naderev Panuringan Lagniton, Miss Lai Ian Cheong, Miss On Lei Cheong, Miss Hio Cheng Chan, Miss Lai Kuan Lei, Mr Jian Xiang Wu, Miss Xiao Jin Li, Miss Zhao Wen Huang, Mr Lai Meng Kuok, Miss Yu jing Chen and Miss Si Wan Che.

Best RT Award – Miss Wen Jun Zhu

MLC Student Ambassador – Mr Kam Chung Woo, Mr Chi Kei Ha

MLC Photo Contest – Miss Yuan Yuan Qi, Mr Ka Hong Leong, Miss Juan Xin Li, Jian Mr Xiang Wu and Miss Weng In Sin.


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