In order to create a happy English-learning environment for students, MLC English Study Group established weekly English Salon in 2016. Students gathered together to discuss about a given topic in English on every Wednesday night, which has become one of the feature activities of MLC. The first English salon of the academic year was successfully organized on August 22, 2018 which attracted more than 50 freshmen and senior students to attend. The salon started with some ice breaking games and then the students formed a group of 2 to 3 students to discuss on the topic “What is the most unforgettable experience since you joined MLC?” Participants shared their impression about the orientation camp, party and talked about their new roommates and friends in MLC in English only. They said that this activity provided them an opportunity to practice spoken English in a relaxing way. This activity also expanded their knowledge on the latest current affair, technology, social issues, etc., through discussion and sharing with peers.