Over 40 students attended the “Sliced Noodles Workshop” given by Mr. SHAAN Jianlong, Chef of many starred hotels, on 6th Nov, 2018 at Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College. This is one of the floor activities organized by resident assistants and resident tutor. The purpose of this activity is to let the students know about the history and culture of sliced noodles, and let the students try on their own to make the noodles. First, Mr. Shaan shared with students the history of sliced noodles in an interesting way and the students learned a lot from him. During the event, the students asked questions proactively and were active in making noodles on their own. At the end of the workshop, Mr. Shaan also cooked noodles for each student and everyone are enjoy.

Reported by Xia Yahui (Year 3 Master student and Resident Tutor)