At the beginning of the new school year, MLC welcomed more than 200 freshmen from Macao, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions and countries. During the two-day mass move-in on August 12 and 13, more than 50 student leaders, volunteers, and college staff beat the drums and greeted the new students and parents. On the evening of August 13th, the College hosted a welcome dinner for freshmen and parents. Associate Master Dr. Larry Liang introduced the vision and characteristics of the College to more than 300 participants. Later, student leaders led new students to carry out various forms of ice-breaking activities and workshops to help new students get acquainted with the learning environment of UM and MLC every night. In the first lecture of the College on August 16th, Professor Katrine Wong, the Interim Master, gave the first lecture to all freshmen, introduced the educational model of UM, and put forward requirements and hopes for the new students. After that, the House Association held a variety of orientation activities, including water wars, lawn games, tug-of-war competitions, campus orientation and fun games. The welcome party on the evening of the 18th pushed the event to a climax. Fifteen groups of freshmen and Resident Tutors and Resident Assistants in turn showed their talented performances. The Associate Master and the two Resident Fellows of the College participated in all activities, and at the party, they showed their first dance and pushed the atmosphere to the climax, winning the students’ bursts of applause.

The orientation camp has successfully helped new students to meet senior students, make friends, understand the educational vision and model of the College, and quickly integrate into the University and the College life, laying a solid foundation for the next four years of study.