MLC and LCWC jointly held the Chinese Chess Competition for the first time on the evening of February 25. Chinese Chess has a history of thousands of years. It is one of the Chinese traditional intellectual exercise, and is one of the three major chess classes in the world along with Go and International Chess. Playing chess not only can exercise intelligence and strategy, but also promote friendship. For this purpose, a total of 18 chess lovers from the two Colleges gathered in MLC to promote friendship through chess and cultural exchanges. After two rounds of fierce competition, Wong Yik, a student from MLC, defeated many good players and won the title of Chess King in the first joint-College Chinese chess competition. Lin Chongyu and Huang Bingsen from LCWC took the first and second runner-up.

This competition has opened a good cooperation between the two Colleges. Students hope to have more opportunities to cooperate with students from different colleges in the future to enrich and promote the RC culture of the University.