The fourth MLC Excellent Student Talk on March 8 was given by Mr. Michael, Hou Cheng Zong, a year one student majoring in biomedical science. Michael comes from Chengdu, Sichuan, China. He is a certified national level 2 swimmer and level 8 Chinese painter before he came to University of Macau. After he came here, he started to learn fencing and now it has become his favorite sport. He is a member of university fencing team and represented UM to attend some local competitions.

Michael shared his mentality on choosing fencing as his hobby at university and what he has achieved through this new sport. He also shared his understanding on how to find and choose hobbies that suit you, the important role of personal hobbies in personal development, et al.

After the talk, Michael told us that his public presentation skills have been improved from this experience. He wished that more students could joined this program and practiced their public speaking skills.

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