The first round of MeLiClassic Singing Contest took place at MLC Dining Hall on March 19, 2018. 13 students from MLC participated in the contest. We are honored to have 3 local singers, namely Mr. Leong Kin Pong, Ms. Gracy Lam and Ms. IanSin to be the judges for the first round of this contest. After the intense competition, 8 participants were selected to enter the final stage, these students are Chiang Hio Fai, Cheang Wan Hei, He FuZhou, Ho Wai Chon, Ho Weng Wa, Kuong I Lei, Wong Kin Seng and Wang Ke.

The participants have benefited a lot from the professional reviews given by the three judges. The final stage will take place during night time on April 15 at E31-G001 Theater and it is free admission by tickets. We welcome all UM students to join us for the event.

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