Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) hosted the High Table Dinner at MLC dining hall on 15th March 2019. The dinner was an official event for MLC students to study social etiquette, college mission and vision. Around 200 participants attended the dinner, including Dr. Kam Seng LAM (Peter), Chair of University Council, invited keynote speaker Vice Rector (Student Affairs) Prof. So Kee Long Billy, Master of MLC Prof. De Bao Xu, deans and masters from other faculties and RCs, college academic staff, 12 teacher and student representatives from three local high schools, as well as MLC students.

In his speech and introduction of keynote speakers, Dr. Lam highly affirmed the achievements of MLC under the leadership of Master De Bao Xu, especially in implementing the educational philosophy of “multi-lingual, diversity, etiquette and honesty, and whole person development”. Dr. Lam also warmly introduced the keynote speaker of the evening, the newly appointed Vice Rector (Student Affairs) Professor Billy So. Professor So delivered a keynote speech entitled “Respect, Communication and My Macao Story”. He shared his first visit to MLC. The College’s “Etiquette Code of Conduct” deeply touched him. Therefore, he encouraged students to learn to respect each other in the university, learn to embrace diversity, learn to communicate effectively, and then achieve whole-person development. Professor So’s speech was close to the student’s life and full of emotions and won numerous applause.

After the dinner, guests and students enjoyed a variety of performances presented by students.