Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College successfully held the first High Table Dinner of the academic year at dining hall of the college on September 22, 2017. 216 participants attended the captioned event, the honorable guests and staff include: Dr. Ma Chi Ngai, President of Administrative Committee, Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao SAR, Prof. Lionel Ming-Shuan Ni, Vice Rector (Academic Affairs), Prof. Xu De Bao, College Master of MLC, Prof. Deng Chuxia, Dean of FHS, Prof. Yuen Ka Veng, Registrar, Mr. Paul Pang, Dean of Students, Prof. Chang Lei, Chair Professor of FSS and Head of Department of Psychology, Dr. Mary Roberts, Visiting Assistant Professor of FSS, Prof. Victoria Lei, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of FAH, Ms. Wong Kei, Interim Director of Global Affairs Office Mr. Kennith Kuan, Sales Manager of Great Time Company Ltd and Ms. Janet Ma, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager of Great Time Company Ltd (Sponsor of Red wine for High Table Dinner), Mr. Ieong Iao Seng, team leader and president of Macau Iao Lok Sports Club and Mr. Justin Ho, President of House Association of MLC.

The dinner started with guest procession and welcoming ceremony by MLC students. They read the MLC Etiquette Code of Conduct in three languages, English, Mandarin and Cantonese, reflecting the trilingual culture of MLC. Master De Bao Xu gave a warm welcoming speech to all the students and guests, followed by the keynote speech by Dr. Ma Chi Ngai, who was introduced by Vice Rector Prof. Ni before his speech. Dr. Ma introduced the development of smart city in Macao by summarizing some major and recent achievements of Macau in smart city development, he also shared his insights and anticipation for the direction of Macao’s  development as smart city. He also conveyed his encouragement and expectation to our students: Study hard at University and contribute to the development of Macau in the future.

At the dinner, MLC invited Macau Iao Lok Sports Club to cooperate with college student Chinese drum team to give a feature lion dance performance. The college dance team “Shuffle”, which was established by freshmen, gave their first public show in the second performance. The last performance was a piece of traditional Chinese music played by Guzheng, performed by two freshmen.

The high table dinner was also the inauguration ceremony of the second House Association (HA) of MLC. Mr. Justin, Ho Weng Wa, who was elected president of HA, received the plaque symbolizing the authority and tradition of HA from Master Xu and delivered his inaugural speech to the students.

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