Dear MLCers,


Greetings from Department of Life and Welfare, House Association of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLCHA) !


MLCHA invites you to participate the online survey of MLC canteen services. The questionnaire is created to have a deeper understanding to MLCers’ satisfaction to the College canteen. In order to enhance the quality of meals served, please complete it based on your individual experience. If you haven’t had or seldom have breakfast in the College, please skip the questions about breakfast so as to ensure the accuracy, the deadline for the captioned survey is 30/9. Your personal information and answers will maintain secrecy strictly. Thanks for your support to MLCHA.


Link for online survey or you may scan the below QR code. 
Remarks: Catering Service in MLC is provided by Guangzhou Yinyuan Catering Service Co., Ltd. Macau Branch