Dear MLCers,


MLC is looking for talents to perform in the coming MLC Talent show and mid-autumn festival party! If you have any talent, no matter in what form, MLC is offering the opportunity for you to showcase your extraordinary talents on the stage. Do not hesitate, come and scan the below QR code for registration! If you are a  freshman, you definitely cannot miss this chance and broaden your horizons as a star who can attract fans! Look, you only have one shot, one moment, one opportunity to be a freshman, do seize the chance to become who you have ever wanted. Would you capture it or just let it slip? Join us and show us what you got!


Deadline for Call of Performance: 13/9 (Wed)
Party Date and Time: 27/9 (Wed) 20:00
Venue: College Dining Hall (W33)


1. The subject of your talent show can be associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, or you can also choose other topics

2. Performance form is not limited, singing, dancing, musical instruments performance, opera performances, magic show and so on

3. The program duration should be no more than five minutes

4. The number of performaners is not limited