On August 22 and 23, 2018, MLC launched the mentorship program for AY2018/19 freshmen. The mentorship program provides an opportunity for first-year students to connect with academic staffs from different faculties who are knowledgeable about UM and university life. The mentorship program is designed to ease the students’ transition from high school to university and to broaden their knowledge, skills, capabilities and experience.

There are 39 mentorship groups this year and each group is made up of 6-7 mentees that share a mentor.  The faculty staff generously donate their time and expertise to help the students get acclimated and meet regularly in MLC dining hall. Oliver Law, who is a first year Biomedical Science student, was among the group of aspiring science students to take part in the program this year. Law commented: I think the Mentorship Program was very useful, it was excited to meet my mentor and he even invited me to his visit his laboratory. It will be incredible to see what a research laboratory looks like in real life.