MLC Scholarships 2019 intend to recognize certain RC members who have significant achievements and have made exemplary contributions to the College. The recipients are expected to clearly reflect the goals and outcomes of holistic education and collegiate life.


Eligibility of Each Award


Master’s List 院長榮譽獎: will be awarded to 2 outstanding final-year students each year who have demonstrated all-rounded development and have made continuous contribution to MLC throughout their four-year residence at MLC.


Best Academic Performance Award最佳學術表現獎: will be awarded to 7 outstanding final-year students each year, one from each Faculty. Recipients of this Award will have lived at MLC for the whole period of their study and have achieved the highest cumulative GPA in his/her home Faculty.


Volunteer of the Year年度志願者獎: will be awarded to 3 outstanding volunteers each year. Recipients of this Award are MLC students of Year 2 or above who have lived at MLC for the whole period of their study and have demonstrated outstanding volunteering spirit at MLC, UM, Macao and/or the community during the Academic Year of 2018-2019.


Most Creative Activity of the Year 年度最具創意活動獎: will be awarded to 2 groups of organizers each year. 80% of the organizers should be MLC students. Recipients of this Award will have organized popular activities which showcase creativity, innovation and high participation rate in the Academic Year of 2018-2019.


Best Resident Tutor Award 最佳樓層導師獎: will be awarded to one Resident Tutor each semester. At the time of application or nomination, the applicant or nominee needs to be an MLC Resident Tutor who has demonstrated excellent performance in floor management, organizing activities and maintaining relationship with residents and the College management team. The winner will be elected by all MLC residents. The recipient of the Award will use the scholarship to organize floor event(s).



The amount of Scholarships:

The total amount of scholarships is MOP47,000. The maximum amount allocated to each student is MOP5,000. MLC has the flexibility to decide the number of recipients and the amount of scholarships allocated to each student/team after reviewing the applications, as long as it does not exceed MOP5,000 per student/team.



The table below shows the total amount of scholarships for each award.

AwardMaximum quota for each awardAmount of each quota (MOP)Total Amount (MOP)
Master’s List25,00010,000
Best Academic Performance Award73,00021,000
Volunteer of the Year33,0009,000
The Most Creative Activity of the Year22,5005,000
Best Resident Tutor Award12,0002,000




Selection Process and Criteria:

Eligible MLC students can nominate himself/herself, nominate other students, or MLC staff can nominate eligible students to apply for the scholarships. The students should complete and submit the application form or a nomination statement to the corresponding college office. MLC will form a selection committee, which may include College Master, Associate Master and Resident Fellow(s). The committee may award the scholarships through reviewing written application only, or through reviewing written application and an interview of shortlisted candidates. However, if the pool of candidates is small, the committee can choose to award the scholarships to the eligible students through referring to confidential reports and discussions with college academic staff, office and key student leaders. The committee’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. Scholarships will be awarded to eligible candidates who have significant achievements and have made exemplary contributions to MLC.


Application forms


If you wish to apply for MLC awards / prizes, fill out the above application form(s) and submit one hard copy to MLC General Office W33 G041 on or before 15th November 2019 during office hour. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for interviews if needed.

Deadline for application: 15th November 2019

Award Presentation: 28th November, 2019 in the Super Pass Night


For more information, please call 8822-9500 during office hours or email to .  Thank you for your attention.


Best Regards,

Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College