On 5th May, 2021, 30 Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College students visited the “National Security Education Exhibition”, jointly organised by the Macao S.A.R government and Macao Liaison Office, in order to deepen their understanding of the national security system, national defense construction and other important aspects related to knowledge of the Motherland. The exhibition aims to enhance viewers’ sense of responsibility and mission to safeguard national security through text, news photographs and film presentations. The exhibition also showcases the heroic anti-pandemic acts that took place around the country and Macau over the past year, enabling viewers to fully understand the importance of national security, national sovereignty, “one country, two systems”, and the constitutional responsibility of Macao S.A.R in safeguarding national security.

“After visiting this national security education exhibition, I am moved by those who try their best to protect the safety of our Motherland as well as the doctors and nurses during the pandemic. At the same time, I am also proud of China’s strength. In the future, I will live by their example and continue to work hard.” Elaine Liang commented after the visit.

Another student, Fiona Lao, reflected after the visit: “I am touched by this exhibition. I’m proud because China has been progressing and starting to become stronger and stronger. It takes decades for China to complete the industrialization process that developed countries have traversed for hundreds of years. I think this education exhibition is very meaningful, not only to make students have the awareness of protecting national security, but also to understand the hard work of frontline personnel for our national security.”