Over two hundred students and staff attended the MLC master’s lecture and Chinese New Year (CNY) Party on 19th January, 2017. This party was designed to celebrate the CNY with all the residents and staff. This was also the chance for the college master to give his first lecture to all the residents in the second semester. Master Debao Xu reintroduced the liberal art education in USA, the college vision and mission of M&LC in the party. He encouraged the students to improve their English by actively participating in various college activities, including English day, English Salon, language table and the one-on-one meeting with academic staffs and resident tutors (RTs). At the end of his talk, master Xu expressed his best wishes to all the students for the CNY with the rest of the staffs.

The second agenda of the party was the award presentation to excellent RT in semester 1. Mr. Liu Yuancheng was awarded the Best Performance RT and he received the trophies from master Xu.

The CNY party started shortly after the award presentation. There are many interesting and enjoyable activities, such as dumplings and rice balls making, cooking New Year cake, Chinese traditional calligraphy (couplets), red papers cutting, etc. The students experienced the joyful traditional CNY in the MLC family ahead of time.

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