December is the final examination month for UM students. This is the first final examination for freshmen of the academic year 2016/2017. Many first year students are facing difficulties in adapting to the study and examination model at university from high school. Therefore, it is a common problem that they might be stressing out during final period.

To target and solve this problem, MMKLPSC (MLC) organized a workshop on “how to beat examination stress” on 30 November 2016. The workshop attracted over 50 participants, who has filled the full house of the classroom. Dr. Larry Liang, Resident Fellow of MLC, explained the symptoms of stress, the physiological and psychological reasons for stress and the methods to relieve the examination stress in the one-hour talk. He encouraged the students to put the examination in perspective and talk to friends and family members or seek help from professional consultants if needed. At the end of the workshop, he led the students to practice the “Total Tension Release” (張力釋放操) and “Relaxation Sanctuary” (放鬆避難所), two simple and fast-acting exercises to alleviate the anxiety and stress.