Dear MLC Students,


Welcome back and hope you all had a relaxed and joyful fall break!


On the first day of the new semester, I would like to share the following news and remind you of the following changes.

Dining Hall
As you know, our new Dining Hall is OPENED. Come and enjoy the food and the environment. We will still dine with the CKLC students. To give a sense of each college, MLC students will sit together in front of the Dining Hall. See the sign for directions for each College. The RTs will help you find your place of sitting.

Sentence of the Day
We will resume Sentence of the Day learning in the spring semester. We will show and practice one sentence a day via the AV system in the Dining Hall. Pay attention to the AV show in the Dining Hall.

English Day
To complete the College Mission and to gain the cross-cultural communication skills, we have chosen Wednesday as English Day (and will have Mandarin Day and Cantonese Day). Starting from January 11, 2017 for the entire day of every Wednesday, we speak English and English only. Doing so is to create the needed English environment for us to speak English. College Staff and RTs will join you to implement the College Mission. The students that I have met and talked to so far all expressed their willingness to improve their English and gain the cross-cultural communication skills. Let’s make mistakes together and improve our English proficiency together!

Etiquette Code of Conduct
The Etiquette Code of Conduct has been framed and hung on the wall in the Main Lobby. College Staff and RTs will set the example and will join you to implement the Etiquette Code of Conduct.

MLC for Abbreviation
The abbreviation of MMKLPSC, as you have seen, has changed to MLC due to the handling problems by ICTO. We therefore use MLC instead of M&LC to indicate MMKLPSC.

College Website
The MLC College website has been renovated and updated recently. Go to the website, browse the new contents, see the pictures, join the English Salon (English Elite Study Group), and much more (


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a successful spring semester at MLC!

Contact me by e-mail or phone -4023 or drop by my office at anytime if you have any questions.

Good luck with your UM study!

De Bao Xu

Distinguished Professor of Chinese, FAH
College Master of MLC
Leonard C. Ferguson Chair Professor, Emeritus U.S.A.