• A very warm welcome to Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC)! I would also like to invite you to visit our website and further explore the features of our College.

    About the Name and the Founder

    Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College at University of Macau (UM) was founded in the fall of 2016. With the generous endowment of MOP 30,000,000 from Lo Pak Sam Memorial Limited to the University of Macau Development Foundation (UMDF) in February 2015 in supporting the development of RC, the University of Macau named the 9th residential college as “Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College” to express sincere thanks and to honour the donation made.

    24/7 Operation

    At MLC, academic and social activities are conducted 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Students and academic staff live, eat, study, and play within a self-contained community.  Members of the community participate and engage in the learning process together. Learning and living are integrated and inseparable.

    Bi-Literacy and Tri-Lingualism, Etiquette and Honesty, and “Whole Person” Development

    As written on the College emblem, Bi-Literacy and Tri-Lingualism, Etiquette and Honesty, and “Whole Person” Development combined with the Five Competencies in the 4-in-1 educational model at UM are the tripod developing goals of MLC.

    The Learning and Living Environment

    To  reach  these  goals,  the  College  has  tried  to create an engaging, welcoming, self-educating, multi-language speaking, and manners-nurturing environment by (1) offering  one  on  one  sessions between  the  students  and  the  academic  staff, (2) organizing peer evaluated social activities and events, (3) creating multilingual speaking environment with language tables, sentences of the day, daily news and news word, speech competition and language salon; and (4) implementing Etiquette Code of Conduct (see below).

    The Relations between Students and Teachers

    In the environment, everybody is a learner and a teacher in the sense that everybody needs to learn and needs to learn for his/her entire life. Everybody here includes the College Master, the Associate Master, the Resident Fellows, the Resident Tutors (graduate students), the Resident Assistants (higher level students), the Administrative Staff, the Affiliates and Non-resident Fellows (professors from different Faculties), and all the college students.

    The Result of the Liberal Arts Education at MLC

    I am glad to report that after one year’s practice, the students of MLC have made great progress with respect to the tripod developing goals combined with the Five Competencies in the 4-in-1 educational model at UM. As commented by our visitors, (1) MLC’s students are the politest students at UM (consider the Etiquette Code of Conduct), (2) MLC’s students speak very good English (consider the Bi-Literacy and Tri-Lingualism and the daily language tables and multilingual speaking environment promoted), (3) MLC’s students maintain the best grades in academic study (according to the statistics of UM), and (4) MLC’s students are very creative in their organized activities (consider “Whole Person” Development), for instance the Time Machine activity, which is divided into two parts-future and past. In the future part, each participant writes down his/her dream or goals in the four years at UM and puts it into a bottle, which is hung in a public place at the College. When the students graduate in four years, they will open their bottles and see if they will realize their dreams or reach their goals. In the past part, the participants play their childhood games, eat their favorite childhood food and share their stories about their early years, their beloved teachers, and the most influential persons in their life. The purpose of the activity is to summarize the past and foresee the future.

    Best Wishes for Your University Life

    Having said this much about the residential college, if you are a UM student, I wish you a fruitful and rewarding university life. I would also like to suggest that not only you want to be proactive in your academic studies at UM, you also want to actively participate and in some way contribute to the residential college where you belong, fully joining the big family of the residential community. When you have a better understanding of the residential college, you will find your UM experience the most valuable part of your life and will be proud of being a member of MLC.

    Professor De Bao Xu, Founding College Master


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