A few days ago, the 13th Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College “Excellent Student Talk” invited Miss Ann Zeng to give her sharing with 70 students. Ann is a senior in the Department of Communication. She is good at using  resources provide by the government and university to participate in many exchange activities at home and abroad, thus enriching her life experience and broadening her horizons. For example, she went to Kyung Hee University in South Korea for a summer exchange, went to Xinjiang to participate in a one-month microfilm shooting camp, participated in the United Nations UNESCO hosted by the Higher Education Bureau, visited the EU and participated in the summer experience activities in Cambridge. She went to Fudan University to exchange in the last semester, and went to a creative video company in Beijing during the summer vacation.

Ann shared her thoughts on why she participated in these activities and how to manage university time wisely. She explained in detail how to apply and also gave some personal suggestions to the students. Finally, Ann answered several questions about overseas exchange programs during the question and answer session.