Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College invited a retired senior social worker Mr. C.K. Tam to give a scholar talk on “Having a Positive Life, Serving Society, Your Dreams Will Come True” at 16 Feb night. He shared his experience for having a run around Taiwan for Charity with us. There were over 75 students attended the talk.

For realizing his dream, Mr. Tam began to join Marathons when he was 55. He completed “A Little Run Around Taiwan for Charity” in 2015/2016, he spent 40 days to run over 1,000km around the whole Taiwan, raising over 250 thousands fund for cancer patients.

Mr Tam shared his experience and positive value about his journey of “A Little Run Around Taiwan for Charity”, including the processes of preparation and what he learned from the journey. He encouraged the students to set up and pursue their dream, face the challenges and toward the goals, and never give up in difficulty, eventually all of students will be successful. He also hoped the students understanding the meaning and value of “doing good is the greatest source of happiness”, contributing themselves to the social welfare.

Many of our students found this talk very inspiring and touching, below is the thought written by one of College student Ms. MA Ruonan:

“In this lecture, we learnt a lot about the meaning of life, Mr. Tam shared with us about his own running experience, and the faith that supports him to complete the entire running campaign in Taiwan. Through the long-distance running, he shared a lot of meaningful things, especially which left the deepest impression to him, these experience have also become some of discussed topics among our students; he did not only share his experience of running, but he also shared a positive attitude of life revealed from his running experience. Through the small things that he shared, we could see how he put the attention to serve the community, he has also donated all funding he got to support the people in need of society. He raised a question–“the meaning of life” to all participants, an issue which was worthy of our reflection, since now we were young and curious to all new things, but we rarely thought about the meaning of life; Mr. Tam’s words really touched us, gave us a tender reminder to open our eyes of real happiness in our young life. In the end, Mr. Tam sent his deepest blessings to u and sang with us together, we were all very happy!”

Ma Man Kei & Lo Pak Sam College


未命名Mr. Tam was sharing his experience

Mr. Tam was sharing with the students

Mr. Tam had a group photo with all participants