~ MLC Etiquette Code of Conduct ~


* Respect others, respect yourself, have integrity, and act morally.

* Be a pleasant person. Be friendly and enthusiastic, optimistic and confident.

* Greet people you meet and see at the College. Take the initiative to introduce yourself, start conversations, and get to know your college-mates.

* Keep an open mind, be tolerant to difference, and always learn.

* Be a good speaker. Be organized, interesting, and thought provoking. When you talk, make eye contact and smile.

* Be a good listener. Pay attention to and be patient with what people say. When people talk, don’t look at your cell phone. Apologize if your cell phone rings.

* Open and hold the door for others.

* Try your best to help people and be appreciative of other’s help. Always say “Thank you” for other’s assistance.

* Care for public property. In line with the College’s color (green), save energy and protect the environment.

* Maintain good personal appearance.

* Keep public spaces and your room clean and tidy.


* College communication languages: English, Mandarin, or Cantonese


Founding College Master Professor De Bao Xu

with the College’s First House of Association

December 2016