College Mission & Vision

College Mission 

While emphasising the development of the “whole person”, MLC stresses the growth of our students’ global vision by creating for everyone an engaging, welcoming, self-educating, multi-lingual and well-mannered environment. A person with a global vision embraces different cultures and ethnic groups with a sense of community and social understanding, takes on leadership roles, solves problems and provides services to the community with well-developed group-working experience and interpersonal skills. A person with a global vision also articulates different languages and is capable of communicating with people from different social and cultural backgrounds and competent to engage in tasks and activities in any 21st-century societal context. To reach these goals, MLC provides one-on-one sessions between students and the academic staff, creates various peer-evaluated social events and activities, implements student self-governance and volunteer work-system, promotes College Etiquette Code of Conduct, invites experts and professionals to give lunch seminars and career workshops. We offer weekly language tables, sentence of the day, daily news, speech competition and language salon in order to create a multilingual speaking environment within the College so as to enhance the students’ cross-cultural communication skills.

在強調 「 全人 」 發展的同時,馬萬祺羅柏心書院嘗試營造一種有吸引力、歡迎和包容所有群體、尊重別人也尊重自己、有禮貌有教養、全院師生參與的理想生活與學習環境,其目的是培養和擴大學生的全球視野。一個俱有全球視野的人能夠理解和尊重不同文化、對不同族裔群體一視同仁、能夠發揮領導能力、解決問題、提供社區服務、同時能夠掌握不同的語言、能與不同社會文化背景的人交際合作 , 因此能夠勝任在 21 世紀社會中的各個領域的工作。為了達到以上目標,馬萬祺羅柏心書院提供一對一學生與導師的對話平台,創立多種同儕共享與評價的社交活動, 實行學生自我管理制度和義 工制,組織特邀專家定期午餐講座與職業工作坊, 同時通過英語飯堂、 語言桌子、每日一句、每日新聞、演講比賽和語言沙龍等活動去營造書院內的多種語言環境,以提高學生的 跨文化交際能力。

College Vision

MLC believes that residential college system, or liberal arts education, emphasizes the development of the “whole person” where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their education, their behaviour and their career design. Our students will work hard and live in lively, peer-engaged academic and social community.

馬萬祺羅柏心書院認為書院制 ,或博雅 教育強調學生的 「 全人 」 發展,鼓勵學生為自己的學業、事業、和行為負責,讓學生在生動活潑、同儕啓導的學術和生活環境中努力認識自己、發現自己,得到 提升 。