Over two hundred students and staff attended the first MLC Super Pass Party on November 28, 2016. This party was designed to cheer the students up for the final examinations and this was also the chance for the college master to give his second lecture to all the residents. Master Debao Xu reintroduced the liberal art education in USA, the college vision and mission of MLC in the party. He encouraged the students to fully practice the mission of whole person development and citizenship with global perspective through active participation in various college activities. At the end of his talk, master Xu expressed his best wishes to all the students for good results in their final examinations.

The second agenda of the party was the award presentation of the college logo design competition. Three students received the trophies from master Xu.

After the presentation, the college staff distributed the red apples, lollipops and red bean soup to all the participants. The red bean soup was freshly prepared by the college staff, house association and resident tutors in the afternoon of the event.

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