Disciplinary Committee of Students

According to the “University of Macau Regulations Governing Residential Colleges (Effective August 2014, Page 12)”, each College establishes a disciplinary committee to assist and advise the College Master to take disciplinary action if students violate any disciplinary regulations in the College as stated in Article 1.2 of “Student Disciplinary Regulations of the University of Macau”.

In accordance with the Regulation, Disciplinary Committee of Students (DCS) was established in 2017 and approved by both MLC House Association and the College. The DCS’s responsibility is to deal with students’ disciplinary issues. DCS at MLC consists of nine representatives, including two MLC students, one Resident Tutor, three members of the House Association, two Resident Assistants and one academic staff from the College. The DCS will hold meetings on a monthly basis to handle student disciplinary issues. Two MLC students, from different grades, will be randomly selected and invited to attend the DCS meeting as part of his/her volunteer work for MLC. Executives and Chairs of MLC House Association, members of Resident Tutor and Resident Assistant will take turns and represent his/her group to attend the DCS meeting. The term of the service on the committee shall be one academic year.


  1. Accept complaints from MLC students and the College.
  2. Investigate and collect evidences according to the College protocol.
  3. Conduct disciplinary hearing and case discussion.
  4. Determine if a complaint has merit and give a recommended resolution to the College Master.

Disciplinary Point System

Under the Disciplinary Point System, points will be deducted from the students and the points will be adjusted to zero at the start of each academic year. The DCS accepts complaints from students or staff of the College, investigates cases, collects evidence, and makes decisions on complaints when completing the disciplinary proceedings. If the DCS finds that a complaint is legitimate, penalty points will be assigned to the captioned student according to the Disciplinary Point System (MLC Freshmen Handbook AY2018/2019 Table 1. Page 28-29) and a recommendation resolution will be submitted to the College Master for final decision

Points could be used by the College as one of the selective criteria and references in appointing student leaders, awarding scholarships, and/or allocating rooms for upper class students.

  • 3 points, student will receive a written warning and/or copy to the Dean of Students for record.
  • 5 points, the resident’s parent(s) or guardian will notify of the infraction(s). The resident will place on a status of disciplinary probation under the care of the Associate Master of MLC.
  • 10 or more points, resident will determine by the College Master of MLC.

Committee Members in AY2019/20

Chairman: Miss. Lisa, Jingxiang LI

Members: Zilong ZHAN, Iat Cheng WONG, Xiaoke BAI, Shuowen ZHANG, Hanxiao SONG, Chak Sam CHAO, Chun Hsi YEH

Advisor: Dr. Larry Liang

Committee Members in AY2018/19

Executives and Department Chairs of MLC House Association

All members of Resident Tutor

All members of Resident Assistant

Representatives of each grade

Advisor: Dr. M.F. Chan

Committee Members in AY2017/18

Chairman: Mr. Weng Wa HO

Secretary: Miss Tong-Xin XIANG

Executive: Miss Chen-Ge LYU, Miss Ya-Ting TANG, Miss Jun-Yi YAO, Mr Chi Kit CHEONG, Mr. Lai Meng KUOK, Mr. Rui-Dong HOU

Advisor: Dr. M.F. CHAN