At the beginning of 2024, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College established the “Love Country Love  Macau Exhibition Hall,” aimed at enhancing students’ sense of civic responsibility and fostering a spirit of national pride.   Through displaying precious photos, historical materials, models, and actual objects, it illustrates three major themes: national expectations, the sentiment of love for one’s country and home, and the college’s practice of patriotic education in Macau. The hall attracted numerous visitors, with the first group of guests including Professor Mok Kai Meng, Vice Rector of the University of Macau, Mr. Ma Chi Ngai, member of the National Committee of CPPCC, a visiting delegation from Tsinghua University, and heads of various colleges and departments from Guangdong universities and the University of Macau. Master Yang Liu personally provided narrations, leaving visitors with a profound impression of the exhibition hall and high praise for the college’s holistic educational achievements.