High table dinner is a formal event in residential colleges of the University of Macau, providing opportunities for college students to communicate and interact with guests, teachers and other students, while also training students in table etiquette, dress etiquette, cultural refinement, discipline, and the art of hosting guests with elegant style. It combines college etiquette education, aesthetic education, cultural education with communal dining education.

The unique aspect of the High Table Dinner of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) roots  in Chinese culture and embodies the spirit of Chinese traditional college while integrating the world-class educational elements and incorporating a touch of modern civilization. It embraces the following characteristics:

Main Content: High-level speeches, High-class etiquette, High-minded culture, High-level communication.   主要內涵:高端演講、高雅禮儀、高尚文化、高級交流
Education Goals: cultivate elite individuals with a profound understanding of Chinese traditional culture, a global perspective, and refined qualities.   培養目標培養具有深厚中國傳統文化底蘊、國際視野和優雅氣質的精英人才。
Educational Spirit: As an important educational initiative of the Residential College, the High Table Dinner of MLC  fully embodies the spirit of great beauty and is a manifestation of the University of Macau’s “4-in-1” education and whole person development principles.   教育精神:作為書院教育的重要舉措之一, 馬萬祺羅柏心書院高卓晚宴是書院“大美”精神的充分體現,也是對澳門大學“四位一體”、全人發展教育理念的貫徹。
Value & Significance: The exceptional significance of the event lies in the fusion and appreciation of Chinese traditional culture and world-class educational elements, the broadening of international perspectives, the cultivation and inheritance of etiquette, the development of aesthetic taste, and the enhancement of social skills.   價值意義:對於中國傳統文化和世界先進教育元素的融合與欣賞、國際視野的開闊、禮儀的修養與傳承、審美趣味的培養以及交往能力的提高都意義非凡。
High-class Etiquette 高雅禮儀

Program of MLC High Table Dinner 馬萬祺羅柏心書院高卓晚宴流程

  • 接待來賓交流著裝 Reception of guest attire and interactions.
  • 嘉賓正式入場儀式 Formal entry ceremony for the guests.
  • 司儀開始主持典禮 The master of ceremonies begins hosting the ceremony.
  • 一起唱校歌或院歌 Singing the university anthem or college anthem together.
  • 院長致辭歡迎來賓 A welcome speech by the College Master.
  • 主講嘉賓高端演講 A high-profile speech by the keynote speaker.
  • 頒感謝狀給主講人 Presentation of certificates of appreciation to the keynote speaker.
  • 高雅文化節目表演 Performance of elegant cultural acts.
  • 互相交流合影留念 Interactions and photography for commemoration.
High-level Speeches 高端演講
High-minded Culture 高尚文化
High-level Communication 高級交流

The academic gown for students:Fragrance of Time

The academic gown of MLC, Fragrance of Time, is designed by College Master Professor Yang Liu. The main color is Purple, representing dignity and elegance. The four Chinese-style buttons on the chest symbolise four-year undergraduate study in China. The patterns of golden lines on the cuffs resemble the Great Wall of China, showing China’s immortal civilisation and great perseverance. The shoulders are draped with twelve peonies and twelve roses, symbolising the twelve months of the year; a total of 24 flowers represent the 24 hours of the day. The rosy colour of the hood symbolises la vie en rose—the beautiful and fragrant life. The fragrance of time exudes from the gown as Chinese and Western cultures integrate as an organic whole. The gown manifests the great aesthetic essence and elegant manners of HTD at MLC. College Master Professor Yang Liu named this academic gown “Fragrance of Time,” which is the attire for students at the High Table Dinner.

Guest attire: Formal wear or the highest academic gown available. If not, guests can borrow academic gowns from the college.

院生學袍  時間的香味