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2511, 2022

MLC Academy of Aesthetic Education: The Beauty of Intercultural Theatre in China and Its Overseas Dissemination 中國跨文化戲劇之美與海外傳播:MLC美育學堂·大美講壇成功舉行

On 25th November 2022, MLC was honoured to have invited Prof. He Chengzhou, Foreign member of Academia Europaea, Dean of the School of Arts and Director of the Institute of Global Humanities of Nanjing Uni ...

2411, 2022

Three MLC Students are Awarded the “MLC Two Laws Promotion Ambassador” Title  MLC三位 “2022-23 兩法推廣大使” 成功誕生

After four rounds of selection and training, three MLC students were granted the title of “MLC Ambassadors for the Promotion of the Constitutional Law of the People's Republic of China and the Basic Law of ...

1611, 2022

4 in 1 Mental Massage Mentorship in MLC, 2022-23  四位一體·心靈按摩 盡在馬萬祺羅柏心書院, 2022-23

Mental Massage is a mentorship project organized by MLC in conjunction with the “knowledge integration” learning platform and the “four-in-one” whole-person education concept of the University of Macau. In ...

1611, 2022

UMRC Chinese Culture Promotion Activity Series: Daoist Thought in the West UMRC中國文化推廣活動系列: 道家思想在西方

On 16th November 2022, MLC has the great honour to invite college fellow, Prof. Ellen Zhang Ying from the Department of Philosophy and Religion in FAH, to give a lecture on “Daoist Thought in the West”. Ex ...

1010, 2022

National Day Celebrations — National Flag Team successfully held National Flag Culture Lecture at MLC 賀國慶—馬萬祺羅柏心書院成功舉辦澳大國旗儀仗隊「走進書院」講座活動

On 23rd September 2022, before the National Day, University of Macau National Flag Team (UMNFT) and Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College jointly organized National Flag Culture Lecture which attracted 20 stud ...