In the spring semester of 2022, College Master Prof. Yang Liu initiated the creation of the Academy of Aesthetic Education, dedicated to cultivating students’ comprehensive development through new forms of art and aesthetics. The academy currently consists of four series: “Grand Beauty Forum,” “Grand Beauty Workshop,” “Grand Beauty Wonderland,” and “Grand Beauty Harmony.”
The “Grand Beauty Forum” fosters students’ seven competencies through a platform where staff and students share insights. It particularly enhances students’ responsible citizenship, aesthetic abilities, spiritual character, noble sentiments, and knowledge integration. On the other hand, the “Grand Beauty Workshop” is led by masters or experts in various artistic fields who, through practical methods, cultivate students, providing opportunities to apply the knowledge gained in the “Grand Beauty Forum” and develop in areas such as innovative thinking, cross-cultural practices, and global competitiveness. The “Grand Beauty Wonderland” aims to enhance the overall environment of the college and promote student participation in labor education, thereby cultivating students’ competency in “healthy living” and achieving the college’s goal of environment-oriented education. Lastly, the “Grand Beauty Harmony” involves a fusion of Eastern and Western musical traditions, spreading China’s outstanding traditional culture and virtues. It nurtures team creativity, serves society and the nation, and promotes cultural exchange between China and the world.


Academy of Aesthetic Education —— Grand Beauty Forum

Academy of Aesthetic Education —— Grand Beauty Workshop

Academy of Aesthetic Education —— Grand Beauty Wonderland

Grand Beauty Wonderland is formed by Dragonball Jasmine Garden, Whispering Land of Coconut Orchid, Garden of Dancing Golden Phoenix , and Millennium Ruby Square.

Academy of Aesthetic Education —— Grand Beauty Harmony