After three years of the pandemic, the Macau Special Administrative Region (SAR) government held its first open day on October 21, 2023. Seizing this opportunity, Prof. YANG Liu, the College Master of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC), led a delegation of nine students and resident fellow to visit the Macau SAR government headquarters.

The focus of this government headquarters open day was primarily on the Reception Building. The Reception Building is a typical Portuguese-style architecture, consisting of two floors with a prominent pink colour. The Chinese national flag and the Macau SAR flag were proudly displayed on its rooftop. Upon entering, the delegation first visited the Multifunctional Hall and the Lotus Hall. The Multifunctional Hall featured architectural images of the new eight wonders of Macau, showcasing the region’s development through a comparison of old and new photos. The College Master guided the students through the photo exhibition, narrating the history and culture of Macau. Notably, the “Macau Wave” floor tiles, similar in design, could also be found at MLC. In the Lotus Hall, students had the privilege of seeing a handwritten inscription by Jiang Zemin, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, before the eve of Macau’s return to China, as well as the unique lotus-themed design on the ceiling.

On the second floor, we visited the “Green Hall,” “Yellow Hall,” and “Blue Hall,” each named after its predominant colour. Professional guides explained the architectural artistry of each hall. Beyond their distinct colours, each hall had its own unique style. The Green Hall featured a modern style and served as the location for the Chief Executive to meet with dignitaries and visiting delegations. The Yellow Hall followed a Chinese style, hosting important ceremonies such as inaugurations, agreements, and contract signing. Lastly, the Blue Hall followed a Western style and hosted events like banquets. Near each hall, a collection of precious historical photos was displayed, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in historical scenes and reflect on the moments in history where mainland China and Macau were closely connected in their development.

This open day also featured a flower exhibition with the theme of  “Macau Food Festival.” After descending from the upper floors, we reached the themed garden for this event. The eye-catching display featured large floral arrangements representing various Macau specialties such as floral teacups, dim sum, ice cream, Portuguese egg-tarts, donuts, cakes, and more. It showcased the culinary culture and artistic innovation at the intersection of East and West in Macau, creating a powerful visual impact. We were all captivated by these clever floral arrangements and architectural styles, stopping to take photos and capture memories, thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Finally, we gathered at the entrance to watch a performance by the police band. The band played cheerful Chinese melodies to welcome visitors, followed by excerpts from Shakespearean plays, and more. The performance was outstanding, embodying the unique blend of Eastern and Western artistry and the distinctiveness of Macau. The audience was thoroughly entertained and showed their appreciation with enthusiastic applause.

This visit was part of the MLC’s “Double Celebration” event, providing students with a deeper understanding of the “One Country, Two Systems” policy, Macau’s history, and fostering greater awareness of Macau’s political culture and the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. It also enhanced their aesthetic appreciation and was truly beneficial to all involved.

*In appreciation, Macau Broadcasting Television and Macao Daily News have captured valuable footage of the College’s visit.

(Cited from news report by Macao Daily News)

(Cited from footage taken by Macau Broadcasting Television)