Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) at the University of Macau successfully hosted an the Open Day Experience on January 14, 2024. The event aimed to provide high school students and members of all sectors of the Macau community with an opportunity to experience university life and gain a deeper understanding of higher education, as well as assist them in early career planning.

The Open Day drew attendees from Keang Peng High School, Our Lady of Fatima Girls’ School, and also included individuals from diverse sectors within the Macau community. MLC College Master YANG Liu delivered a warm welcome speech, expressing gratitude for the interest and support shown towards UM. During the event, college students organized four outstanding performances that provided visiting students and guests with enjoyable music and cultural experiences. Furthermore, student leaders from MLC guided visitors in exploring the college’s diverse facilities and facilitated meaningful conversations. These experiences allowed visitors to become more acquainted with university life and develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the college’s culture. During the lucky draw, one lucky winner was awarded with a set of 10 College emblems that was specially made for the 10th anniversary of the implementation of UM’s College system this year, and is therefore very precious.

The Open Day provided high school students with a profound understanding of higher education and the educational mission of MLC. Additionally, the event provided an unforgettable opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in college life and culture, enriching their university choices and career planning. MLC will continue its dedication to providing holistic education and cultivating students who excel in both academics and character. The college welcomes more visitors to participate in future events.