(Students visit and learn about the shipbuilding craftsmanship of shipbuilders, and practice it hands-on)

On November 12th, the student leaders of the Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) visited and toured the historical site and cultural area of the Lai Chi Vun Shipyard in order to gain a deeper understanding of Macau’s shipbuilding industry history and experience the historical imprint of the Lai Chi Vun Village in Coloane. According to historical records, Lai Chi Vun Village has existed since the 1850s. Lai Chi Vun, formerly known as Lai Chi Wan, is located in the southwest of Coloane, on the right bank of the Cross Gate Waterway, facing Hengqin across the water. The name Lai Chi Vun Village derives from the fact that lychee trees were once grown in the village, and the shape of the bay resembles a bowl. In the early days of the village’s establishment, the villagers lived in makeshift shelters, but over time, different types of housing such as wooden houses, tin houses, and brick houses were developed. In the past, the villagers of Lai Chi Vun engaged in fishing, oyster farming, and stone quarrying. As early as the first half of the 20th century, a shipyard was established in the village, bearing witness to the development of Macau’s shipbuilding industry. However, by the late 20th century, Macau’s shipbuilding industry declined due to competition from domestic counterparts and the decline of the fishing industry, leading to the closure of the shipyards in Lai Chi Vun Village.

Lai Chi Vun Village holds rich historical significance, witnessing the development of the city of Macau and the shipbuilding industry of that time. In order to review the village’s history, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has specially organized the “Moments in History: The Story of Lai Chi Vun Village” exhibition, which is divided into three main sections: “Story of Ships,” “Craftsmanship and Boat Art,” and “Memory and Boat Heritage.” Through this exhibition, it is hoped that the public can gain an understanding of the vicissitudes of Lai Chi Vun Village.

Reported by Zhang Haoyue