On March 28, 2024, Professor Chen Qixin, the Secretary of the College Party Committee of Tsinghua University, led a delegation to visit Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) at the University of Macau.

The delegation was warmly received by the MLC’s College Master, Prof. Yang Liu. She praised Tsinghua University for being a benchmark in our country’s higher education and a leader in college education, and is possessing many successful experiences. She hopes that this exchange will promote mutual communication between the two sides and achieve win-win cooperation in various aspects.

At the symposium, Master Yang first introduced the four-in-one education model and the residential college system of the University of Macau. Master Yang also introduced the distinct features of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College: the College is dedicated to fostering the seven competencies in students, it organizes a rich variety of academic and practical activities weekly; the CPED course, a credit-baring course, is a basic requirement for graduation. The Academy of Aesthetic Education created by the Master Yang have completed four series: the “Grand Beauty Forum”; the “Grand Beauty Workshop”; the “Grand Beauty Wonderland” and the “Grand Beauty Harmony”. In terms of pastoral care, MLC assigns academic staff members to each student to serve as mentors for their university life and beyond,   with “one-on-one” mentor-student meetings to provide various academic and mental support, as well as education in positive ideologies and values. For academic support, a non-resident fellow team comprised of professors from various disciplines and fields provides guidance to knowledge integration and mental relief activities. Regarding communal meal education, the College organizes events such as distinguished dinners, faculty-student joint meals, master’s lunch meetings, and college afternoon tea sharing. These activities aim to achieve the goal of holistic education through various measures.

Professor Chen Qixin, the Party Committee Secretary of Tsinghua University’s colleges, expressed his gratitude to Master Yang Liu and colleagues of College for their warm reception, and he praised the comprehensive college system education of the University of Macau. Professor Chen Qixin introduced the college system and educational model of Tsinghua University. He noted that Tsinghua University which currently has nine colleges started implementing a pilot project on general education in 2014 and established the Xinya College. In 2020, it further implemented the national “Foundation Strengthen Program” by establishing five Colleges: Zhili, Weiying, Tanwei, Xingjian, and Rixin. In 2021 and 2022, Tsinghua subsequently established the Qiuzhen and Weixian Colleges. Professor Chen emphasized that Tsinghua University’s college system focuses on the “second classroom,” which is essential for students’ value shaping and character building, encouraging interdisciplinary learning. He emphasized that Tsinghua University is also exploring a variety of measures to further improve its college education system, and is striving through multi-party cooperation to enhance a greater and stronger college education.

During the tea break, the two sides exchanged souvenirs, symbolizing the lasting friendship, in-depth cooperation, and joint development between the two Colleges. Afterwards, accompanied by the college tour team, the delegation toured Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College, with a special visit to the recently completed “Patriotic and Loving Macau Exhibition Hall,” and the “Grand Beauty Wonderland” where they experienced the College’s grand beauty culture and spirit. The delegation highly commended the educational achievements of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College and highly praised the “Patriotic and Loving Macau Exhibition Hall.”

The successful organization of this exchange symposium not only provided a platform for learning and communication between the colleges of the two universities but also further deepened the friendship between them, expanded their horizons, and through the collision of ideas, laid a solid foundation for improving the teaching and academic levels of the colleges. During this visit, the two sides had thorough exchanges and reached a consensus on establishing sister college relationships. The Tsinghua University delegation also accepted an invitation to attend the special report on the spirit of the “Two Sessions” conducted by Mr. Ma Chi Ngai, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and the “Double Celebration” distinguished dinner, both of which they highly appreciated.

Members of Professor Chen Qixin’s delegation visiting Macau included: Professor Li Zhengcao, Deputy Dean of Weiyuan College, Professor Wang Xiumei, Deputy Dean of Weixian College, Professor Liu Zhen, class adviser of Rixin College, Professor Wang Zhongjing, instructor of Xingjian College, tutor Yu Xin of Ri Xin College, Wang Kaifeng, Assistant to Tsinghua University’s College Party Committee and Head of the Student Affairs Department of Xingjian College, and Li Yang, Director of the General Office of Tsinghua University’s College Management Centre. Members of MLC who received the delegates include: Professor Yang Liu, Master of MLC, Professor Gary Fung, Associate Master of MLC, Dr. Stanley Chan, Resident Fellow of MLC, Ms. Jenny Leung, Functional Head of MLC, and Mr. Brian Cheung, Senior Administrative Assistant of MLC.