A Few Words from College Master

Dear students,

A very warm and sincere welcome to MLC!

In this wonderful season, the air is heady with the fragrance of green grass, fruit and the balmy scent of roses. As many young scholars have done before, you have travelled far to come and embrace college life to the full. In an integrated community such as ours, you can associate with the previous high-achieving students and relish the challenges ahead. Enjoy the “4 in 1” education and become a whole person.

MLC is not only a place of living and higher learning, but also a place where you can nourish your spirit, sing songs and cherish the dance of youth. Let’s keep our core value in mind: integrity, benevolence, beauty, respect, service and responsibility. Love the country, love Macao, and understand the whole world.

My colleagues and I will give you our best support. Wish all of you a happy life, good health and great success in your coming studies!

College Master


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