Disciplinary Committee of Students

The Disciplinary Committee of Students (DC) is a student self-governing organization. Its responsibility is to handle student discipline problems and related issues. The DC consists of nine representatives which include three MLC students, one Resident Tutor, two members of the House Association, two Resident Assistants and one academic staff from the College. The term of the service of the committee shall be one academic year.

1. Accept complaints from MLC students and the College.
2. Investigate and collect evidence according to the College protocol.
3. Conduct disciplinary hearing and case discussion.
4. Determine if a complaint has merit and give a recommended resolution to the College Master.

Disciplinary Point System

Under the Disciplinary Point System, points will be deducted from the students and the points will be adjusted to zero at the start of each academic year. DC accepts complaints from students or staff of the College, investigates, collects evidence, and makes decisions on complaints after completing the disciplinary proceedings. If DC determines that the complaints are legitimate, penalty points will be assigned to the captioned student according to the Disciplinary Point System (see Table 1) and a recommendation resolution will be submitted to the College Master for final decision. After one incident or a series of incidents, if a student accumulates:

  • 3 points, a written warning letter will be issued to the student and/or copy to the Dean of Students of Student Affair Office for record.
  • 5 points, the student’s parent(s) or guardian will be notified of the infraction(s). The student will be placed on a status of disciplinary probation under the care of the Associate Master of MLC.
  • 10 or more points, the decision will be made by the College Master of MLC.
    Points will be used by the College as one of the selective criteria and references in appointing student leaders, awarding scholarships, and/or allocating rooms for upper class students.

Table 1: Disciplinary Point System (v3.1)*

1 Alcohol / Cigarette
a) Consumption or possession of alcohol without the College permission 1-4
b) Smoking (includes e-cigarettes) 2
2. Drugs
Possession of Illegal drugs 4
3. Properties / Facilities
a) Remove, change, install or replace any equipment that belongs to College property 2
b) Theft 4
c) Misuse or unauthorized use of College properties or services 2
d) Unauthorized entry into College premises 2
e) Subletting his or her room to any other persons 1
f) Using any unauthorized electrical appliances without the College permission 1
g) Keeping pet 1
4. Behavior
  a) Excessive noise 1
  b) Swapping room without the College permission 1
  c) Sleeping overnight in the common areas (e.g. TV room) 1
  d) Streaking 1-6
  e) False identification 1-4
  f) Physical violence 2-10
  g) Harmful behavior 1
  h) Lewd or indecent behavior 1-6
  i) Discrimination 1
  j) Visiting opposite gender room 2
  k) Keeping visitors stay overnight 2
  l) Gambling 1
  m) Violation of the Etiquette Code of Conduct 2
  n) Failure to comply with College officials (including College security) 1-4
  o) Hazing or bullying 6-10
  p) Selling any goods in the College without the College permission 1
  q) Possession of weapons 6-10
  r) students who have successfully enrolled in the High Table Dinner or other official activities but no show without reasonable reasons, or do not send email to the College Office within 72 working hours (3 working days) 2
5. Fire Safety
  a) Disabling a smoke detector in the resident room 2
  b) Tampering with fire safety equipment 2
  c) Refuse to leave the College during a fire alarm or fire drill 3
  d) Use unqualified or overload electrical appliances in the college 3

* This is not a complete list. In certain circumstances, students may be assigned point values other than those listed above.