Students may apply for readmission to reside at a College after the first academic year if they have such a need. Readmission application will be reviewed by the College and a decision be made by the College Master with the assistance of Readmissions Advisory Committee composed of academic staff and student leaders. Consideration will be given to his/her contribution to college, activity participation and other performance in college (including observation of RC rules, responsible and respectful behavior). To maintain a certain degree of flexibility and keep a balance between RC education and the absolute need of the students, the Master may keep a ceiling of 5% of places for applicants without consideration of need and merit factors and a 2% of places for students with proven special physical or psychological needs.

Application period
Late March to early April of each academic year. The college will send emails to all students to invite applications.

How to apply
Students who are interested in readmission are required to fill-in an application form and related supporting documents and submit their applications online before the deadline.

Principles of allocation
Applicants will be arranged in a sequence according to their performance at RC. Interviews may be arranged by the college to students whose performance are below the average.

Performance at RC
1. Leadership in various student organizations, e.g. HA, RA, captains of college teams or interest groups, organizers of activities, helpers in major college events, floor committee members, or members of other committees, etc. This part will be reported by applicants and assessed by HA, RA and RT.
2. Good attendance and participation in teams, interest groups, or committees. This part will be reported by applicants and assessed by HA, RA and RT.
3. Good attendance and participation in university, college, HA or floor activities. Fulfill RC requirements within the academic year. This part will be recorded and assessed by the College.
4. Misconducts that may affect your readmission
A. Absent the high table dinner without reasons.
B. Not returning academic gowns or other college properties.
C. Violation of RC regulations and rules.
These cases will be discussed and resolutions will be suggested by Students Disciplinary Committee and decision will be made by the Master.

Handling of appeals
1. Students are required to submit appeals to the college within one calendar week after the release of results.
2. For receiving appeal cases, Master should be personally involved, in addition to receiving feedback from AM, RF and student leaders.
3. Master should interview residents making appeals together with the Appeal Panel, and write to those residents whose appeals were unsuccessful with specific reasons for rejecting their appeals in a formal letter. The Master should aim to interview students with the panel and send out the letters normally within one calendar week.
4. Students’ appeal letters and Master’s letters should be copied to the Dean of Student Affairs for record.
5. The Appeal Panel should comprise three members: Master, Associate Master or Resident Fellow and a student chosen by Master. The students should be informed how the panel is formed and made known to students before readmission.
6. Master are ultimately responsible for all readmission and make the final decisions for appeals. Readmission Advisory Committee and Appeal Panel are only to assist the Master in arriving at his/her decisions.

Duration of Residence
Admission on each occasion is for one year only. Residents may be re-admitted in subsequent years on the basis of the criteria for readmission and such is not automatic. Registered active undergraduate students are eligible for RC residence for their whole curriculum.
Because of disciplinary offence, the Master may terminate, upon giving one week’s notice, a membership of the RC.
Review of the readmission policy
The college will review the readmission policies with student leaders at least one month before opening for application each academic year.