“The First Public Speaking Competition” with the theme of ‘Charm of my hometown’ was held at the dining hall of Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) at in the evening of 9 December 2020.  In the competition, eight MLC students from various majors shared their love and promoted their home to audiences and nine judges scored the contestants. A second-year graduate student narrowly won the championship of this competition with a one-point advantage, and two freshmen won the second and the third prizes with wonderful performances.

The contestants decided the order of  the presentation by drawing lots before the competition. During the competition, eight contestants showed the audience the regional characteristics of their hometown, which had diverse and compelling topics ranging from “Kill that Shijiazhuang man” to “Autumn at the intersection of Duke Huan Road and Kuan Chung Road,” which was the winning speech. Associate Professor Katherine CHEN of Applied Linguistics (FAH) commented that she was very impressed by the innovation and quality of speeches, and it was a good training for the students’ confidence and expression skills. Associate Professor WANG Sihao of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature (FAH) added that this public speaking reflected our students’ multilingual potential and whole-person development. Master of MLC, Professor Katrine WANG fully recognized this event and presented awards to the champions.

By Huang Siting

Year 2, Communication Major