Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) hosted the second High Table Dinner at MLC dining hall on November 7, 2018. The dinner was an official event for MLC students to study social etiquette, college mission and vision. Around 200 participants attended the dinner, including invited keynote speaker Prof. Ge Wei, who is the chair professor and associate dean of Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) and interim dean of graduate school (GRS), Master of MLC Prof. Xu De Bao, deans and masters from faculties and RCs, college academic staffs, 12 teacher and student representatives from three local high schools, as well as MLC students.

Prof. Ge gave a keynote speech “My journey to Macau”. He shared his experience about roads to become a professor. He encouraged students to discover their talents and dreams, to cherish the relationship with classmates and professors at the university, which can be very useful resources for their future success. Professor Ge’s speech was not only close to the students’ life, but also humorous and won burst of applause.

After the dinner, guests and students enjoyed a variety of performances presented by students.