On January 24, 2024, the House Association (HA) of University of Macau (UM)’s Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC) organized the event “MLC Chinese New Year Gala”. The event provided an unforgettable evening for MLC teachers and students to enjoy together before the Spring Festival holiday. To create a rich festive atmosphere, members of MLC HA decorated the College with Chinese knots, lanterns, and other decorations, enveloping the entire College in a warm and lively ambiance.

One of the most popular activities at the event was the dumpling making booth. Everyone enthusiastically participated and learned how to make dumplings. Student organizers patiently guided each participant, allowing everyone to experience the joy and skill of dumpling making. Amidst laughter, batches of delicious dumplings were made, satisfying everyone’s taste buds.

Another well-received activity was the Spring Festival couplets writing booth, which provided students with an opportunity to write their personalized couplets. Various colored pens and paper were available at the booth, and students focused on calligraphy, writing words of blessings and expressing their hopes for the new year. Among the students were also foreign students, who expressed their admiration for couplets and praising the dumplings. Martin, a foreign student, affectionately wrote “Thank you, University of Macau” with a brush and presented it to College Master Prof. Yang Liu, to express gratitude towards UM and MLC.

In addition to the booth activities, the brilliant performances by the students during the Gala were unforgettable. The joyful jazz music and Chinese elements blended perfectly, providing the audience with a unique enjoyment. After the opening dance, College dance group Shuffle distributed candy red envelopes prepared by MLC HA Department of Culture and Art. There were also music and dance performances, immersing the audience in the world of performing arts.

The audience had a memorable evening and experienced the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture. This event not only allowed participants to experience traditional customs and culture but also made teachers and students feel the warmth of home and the significance of reunion amidst their busy lives.

Wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year and may all your wishes come true!

College Master Prof. Yang Liu wishing everyone a happy Chinese New Year

Dance performance by dance group Shuffle

Singing performance by Liu Zetong

Dance performance by Qin Qianhui

Piano performance by Wang Shubo

Singing performance by Ku Hou Ieong

Singing performance by Chen Haijian

Music performance by College band Happy Animal Band