o Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College (MLC), 2020 is a significant year because it is the year that we witness the birth of our first batch of MLC graduates. Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic, MLC was unable to assemble our graduands for a proper graduation ceremony. To tackle this challenge, MLC organised on 17 June an on-line graduation ceremony that brought us all together. Thoughts of love and blessings between the students and the College could not have been stronger. Attended by our interim College Master, Prof. Katrine Wong, Associate Master, Dr. Larry Liang, and two Resident Fellows, Dr. Gary Fung and Dr. Eric Kong, together with numerous Non-Resident Fellows and Affiliates, the ceremony marked an unforgettable moment for all MLCers.

In her remarks, not only did Prof. Wong offer her congratulations to the graduands, she also, more significantly, shared her three golden tips – “Be passionate. Be honest. Don’t Go to Bed Angry” – guiding us all how to transit into the next phase of our lives. After the pronouncement of the name of each MLC graduand, the ceremony gestured, with a symbolic flip of MLC’s virtual background, the completion of students’ graduation. While the students’ love and gratitude towards the College were abstracted by several graduand representatives, the most touching moments were embodied in their heartful speeches, the video of reminiscence and the College Anthem.

MLC emphasizes UM’s motto of Humanity, Integrity, Propriety, Wisdom and Sincerity. MLC expects our students and soon-to-be alumni to always keep in mind the importance of the core values of the College – “Multiple Languages and Cross Cultural Communication Skills, Honesty and Etiquette, and Whole-person Development” –​ and to put all these virtues into their life-long practice.

Videos and Pictures  from the Graduation Ceremony