The event kick-started with a calligraphy and painting exhibition dedicated to the “Celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day”, held at MLC Dining Hall at noon on 25th September, 2020. Participants of the opening ceremony include Professor Xu Jie, Interim Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Interim Director of UM Confucius Institute, and Head of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature; Professor Rico Long Wai LAM, UM Registrar; Professor Zhu Shoutong, Director of Research Centre for Humanities in South China and Director of Centre for Chinese History and Culture; Mr. PANG Chap Chong, Paul, Dean of Students; Mr. Lau Iong Chi, from Facility Management and Maintenance Section, Campus Management and Development Office; and Professor Katrine Wong, Interim Master of MLC, and Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Enhancement.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Zhu delivered a keynote speech on calligraphy and introduced the history and development of Chinese calligraphy. In addition to a collection of calligraphy and paintings by MLC students, the exhibition includes works by Prof. Lam and Mr. Liu. Prof. Zhu and Mr. Liu donated their calligraphy and paintings to MLC.

The exhibition, the first event in the “‘Charm of China’ Chinese Culture Series” featured four art forms: calligraphy, painting, music and paper cutting. In the coming months, the Series will showcase a series of lectures, workshops, recitations and speech contests related to Chinese culture. The Series is designed to allow MLC students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the beauty of Chinese culture. This year-long Series will also stimulate students’ interest in participation in and inheritance of traditional Chinese culture, thereby enhancing their national pride.