n response to class suspension, MLC, led by Prof. Katrine Wong, organizes various online activities to stay in close touch with their college students during the pandemic. Apart from fulfilling all CPED teaching requirements, MLC academic staff also take turns and make time to interact with students through various online platforms. By designing “MLC Online Chats Series”, MLC is able to actively engage the students with various interesting and timely activities by addressing practical topics covering psychological health, career planning, English learning, time management, online learning optimization, scientific knowledge about virus, baking etc. Through the organization of different RC activities, MLC makes sure that students keep learning while staying at home.

Before class resumption, MLC will continue to interact with students by arranging other online activities, such as mini-presentation competition, talent show, workshops on job interviews and CV writing, together with some other life-enriching activities. Students can participate in the activities voluntarily.