Critical thinking plays a crucial role in the realm of knowledge integration within the seven competencies of RC education. In our contemporary world, where information inundates us, acquiring the ability to discern the potentials and limitations of media is of paramount importance. Equally vital is the skill to identify biases present in media content. Recognizing the significance of these skills, Ma Man Kei and Lo Pak Sam College had the honor of hosting Professor Lee Tien Tsung, senior college fellow, Head of the Department of Communication, to deliver a seminar titled “Media Literacy: How to be a smart media consumer?”  The centerpiece of his seminar was imparting techniques to detect the presence of fake news. These techniques revolved around a series of critical questions one should ask when engaging with news reports. Questions such as, “Where and under what circumstances was the news story originated?” and “Who stands to gain, and what were the underlying intentions?” were among the key inquiries explored. Professor Lee’s seminar enjoyed a full house attendance, drawing not only communication majors from MLC but also students from various colleges and academic disciplines, highlighting the widespread relevance of the topic.