“Study hard; Play hard” is always one of MLC’s practices. Though students are obliged to practice social distancing amid the pandemic, MLC is still able to connect with its family members by organizing an online talent show. Titled as “MLC Talents: Show in Show”, the competition has attracted more than 80 audience and 14 contestants to participate and share joys together. Performed by talents of diverse backgrounds, the competition is illuminated by various talent genres including singing, dancing, poem recital, music instruments and yo-yo performance etc. Among the 13 talent shows, the duet guitar singing (Cheong Kuok Hong & Raul Quishor Lotlicar) has eventually excelled as best of the best whereas yoyo performance (Chong Iok Hei) has ranked the second. While the rest was not quite behind, the result of the third was all tied and given to Liu Sitong (Singing), Lei Meng Ian (Singing), and He Yueni (Gu Zheng performance). Filled with laughter and applause, the competition ends smoothly in harmony. Of course, the spirit of the talent show is not simply to compete to excel, but also meant to provide a timely platform to cohere the hearts of us all under the same roof of MLC.

Champion: Duet Guitar Singing by Cheong Kuok Hong & Raul Quishor Lotlicar (3rd year students)

1st Runner-up: Yo-yo Performance by Chong Iok Hei (3rd year student)

2nd Runner-ups performances:

Singing “Manta” by Liu Sitong (2nd year student)

Singing “斷點+無能為力” by Lei Meng Ian (2nd year student)

Gu Zheng Performance “春到湘江(片段)” by He Yueni (2nd year student)